Natren guarantees 100% colony forming units (cfu)potency through the printed expiration date (not just at time of manufacture). Natren’s probiotics are carefully produced using the proprietary TrenevProcess®, preserved within the probiotic’s natural supernatant. Natren’s 3-in-1 capsule also contains a proprietary oil matrix for maximum intestinal delivery. All of Natren’s probiotics are packaged into amber glass bottles and continuously refrigerated to provide extended cfu potency. *Natren’s probiotic products come with 30 years of focused, rigorous scientific research and technology from leading scientists and researchers in the field of probiotics. Natren researchers have conducted and published a number of peer-reviewed clinical and laboratory studies on probiotic viability and application over these decades. Probiotics are ALL we do. Natren’s seasoned technicians and management have hands-on control over Natren’s probiotic products, with a level of focus and expertise that can only come with over three decades of continuous probiotics cultivation and production. With this focus comes a special care and determined innovation to deliver the most remarkable probiotic products available.*

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