Customers find a variety of CBD products
at Holly Hill Health Foods*

Jim Wilk, Nutritionist, Buyer and Radio Host, is available (along with other staff)
with information about Holly Hill Health Foods CBD products.

In his 40+ years recommending healthy options as a Nutritional Counselor, Jim Wilk can’t recall a product that has made such a positive impact on his clients’ and customers’ lives as CBD (cannabidiol). Holly Hill Health Foods had the foresight to begin selling CBD products almost 5 years ago, well before it became trendy, and during all these years the customer testimonials have been nothing short of incredible. According to current research CBD seems to have a powerfully balancing effect on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Discovered in the 1990’s, the ECS is seen as being responsible for keeping the body in a state of homeostasis and helping to regulate many body actions and conditions, from anxiety and stress to pain and depression. Agricultural hemp, which has been used as fuel, food, textiles and fiber for centuries, is also the source of CBD and over 500 additional plant nutrients that are now being extensively studied for their health benefits in both internal and topical applications.

When selecting a reputable company for CBD it’s important to follow certain guidelines. Holly Hill reviews where and how a company’s hemp is grown, how the CBD is extracted, the formulations, and 3rd party testing for concentrations and quality. They are proud to offer the top selling brands in the industry.
The staff also receives continuous education from industry experts, updated scientific publications, and studies to help answer and guide consumers’ questions and concerns. Visit Holly Hill today and ask about legal hemp derived CBD products (third party tested & verified to have less than 0.3 percent THC).

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*Published in the Bucks County Herald in January of 2020