Professional Services

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Our staff is comprised of formally educated professionals and industry trained employees. Most of our staff members have 20+ years in the health field and have knowledge of products ranging from the tried-and-true to cutting-edge formulations and technologies. We receive regular training from leading manufacturers and attend webinars, seminars, and industry trade shows. The Nutrition NUTZ Podcast educates the public and our staff by featuring experts who research and make the products we sell. Our brick-and-mortar store is at the core of our business and gives us the opportunity to hear directly from customers about their experiences with various nutritional supplements. After 31 years in business, we have a collective knowledge base of over 250 years of industry experience and education. Stop in our store and help yourself to the Free educational handouts and basic nutrition questions from our staff or make an appointment for a paid consultation with one of our professionals. Click here for detailed PDF.

Professional ServicesPaid Services provided by Lois Trave, RN & Holistic Health Counselor
• Blood Pressure & Pulse Oximetry (free service).
• Homeopathic & Nutritional Counseling (free service).
• Zyto / BioMapping Scan by appointment- $25
Free Consultation provided by June Ferrari, PhD in Integrative Medicine, Certified Traditional Naturopath & C.N.C.
• Personalized Nutritional Counseling: 1-hr. comprehensive session by appt. (free service but a $300 value).
• Hair Analysis: Shows heavy metal/toxicity levels, overall health status & if your nutrients are being absorbed (patient is charged for the lab costs $95.99).
Intuitive Bio-Energetics Kinesiologist- Anne Vogler, Certified in Contact Reflex Analysis & Nutrition. 
• Receive customized protocol to your body’s innate intelligence. A non-invasive method by which a personalized nutrition protocol is determined using advanced muscle testing. By appointment- email or call 267-664-5220 ($75 per hour)
Phil Pappas, PHD- Masters and Doctorate in Nutrition, Certified in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Personal Fitness Training.
• Learning Difficulty Assessment, Nutritional Consultation, Body Composition Testing ($95 per hour, $50 per 1/2 hour, $20 Body Composition)
Melissa Eddy, RN, BSN- Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach, Certified in Mindfulness Meditation.
• Health Coaching / Health Consultation- ($90 per hour)
Michaela- Certified Clinical Thermography.
• Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (Fees Vary, for information and scheduling visit

Nutritional Counseling (Free basic Q&A in the aisles, no appointment)
• Jim Wilk, Certified Nutritional Consultant
• Dr. Phil Pappas, Masters and Doctorate in Nutrition
• James O’Brien, Sports Nutrition Consultant, International Sports Medicine Association Certified
• Lois Trave, RN & Holistic Health Counselor
• Melissa Eddy, RN, BSN
• Knowledgeable Uncredentialled Staff with varying industry experience (5-25 years)